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Who we Are.

We're passionate about historical content, the human experience and helping people make new connections. We combine our love of history, genealogy, geography and technology to create interesting new platforms to discover and share the past.

Our Mission.

Geopast seeks to help you discover the stories of the past. We like to experiment with visualising historical content in different ways to reveal lost stories from the past. Still curious? Please read the B L O G and check out our latest work :)


Join our tribe and stay informed about our latest projects, how they can help you and how you can help them.


We're concerned with Time. Time often defines context so it's important to us to be able to visualise historical content temporally.
We're also concerned with Space. And Place. For us, knowing Where is equally as important as When.
We like being Visual. And most people are visual learners. Big, bold, pretty pictures all the time please.
We like to build stuff. We're usually experimenting with a few ideas at the same time as they often morph into great things.

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