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Historical Research Consultancy and Genealogy Startup.
Based in Sydney, Australia.

About Us

Who, What, Why!

Who we Are.

We help you discover the story of your family. We also develop ideas for the genealogy industry. We're passionate about historical content, the human experience and helping people make new connections.

Our Mission.

Think outside of the box. Help you to discover the stories and people of your past. Innovate in software and create new ways to make historical discoveries. Curious? Visit S E R V I C E S and read our B L O G

What Clients Say.

"Thank you again I really appreciate all the information you have found for me. Growing up in a family group home as a ward of the state and only knowing the real basics of my family to now knowing a lot more is just fantastic." Jackie


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Our Services

We deliver solutions for individuals, legal firms and the genealogy industry.

Personal history consultancy. We provide worldwide assistance with lost relatives, DNA, probate, identity verification and more. Please get in touch to discuss your research project. [LINK]
Find your Ancestor's postcards. We're building the world's biggest postcard database. Would you like to read a message from your ancestor? [LINK]
History's search engine. Browse, search, share and help us tag 7 million vintage images from Flickr Commons. [LINK]
Wiki for the past. Useful genealogy articles from past and present that anyone can contribute to. [LINK]

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